Friday, December 24, 2010


I've been reflecting on Christmas since the summer....I say this because folks will forgive you quicker if you say you've been reflecting on Christmas instead of you were just to lazy to blog and was waiting for thought transference to become a reality.

I'm ashamed to admit I have startitis and a deep case of not finishing anythingness. Just can't seem to pull it together or block it. Simple patterns have been giving me grief, hard patterns I just glared at and shake my fist and try to intimidate them back. As you have probably concluded, it doesn't work and it makes the pattern a mite angry. Nothing like a hard pattern with attitude.

Did I mention hard patterns lazy cousin, Errata? I have nothing but love for designers. Their talents are awesome...their math sucks. I suck at math, they suck at math and the little projects suffer. By the time I have run thru my mind what disease I must have that's making me not understand the pattern, (after ripping back, stomping it into the ground, cursing and tossing my little project into my "I hate I you hate you" basket -OK maybe not stomping but creatively drop kicking it- cousin Errata arrives late as usual) I'm not saying designers are suppose to be perfect, I'm just saying I'm not the type of person who can correct on the fly. Some are bless with this talent others are born the soldier's way, following orders. I fall into the latter with a sub category,"we don't read no stinkin' patterns all the way through first". Yeah, I still have issues.

Despite not knitting for anyone this Christmas or basically this year. (read: lazy), I am most determined to knit everyone (my family & besta friend) something for next Christmas, even if I have to buy it -smiles-
Despite my rantings, (hopped up on Starbucks coffee can do that), I am happy that I have a family whom I love and who loves me, I have a best friend whom I have known since kindergarten (we love to chat on the phone and discuss which body parts are in free fall -and there are many-) I have a craft that gives me great joy and crushing grief (eh six on one hand half dozen on the other), I'm a yarn addict that refuses to get help ( and am an enabler too!), and to balance all that good stuff I am an awful, awful lazy blogger!
A new year approaches and therefore a time to change things for the better, but that's next week. Tonight is for the softer glow of the season, and tomorrow, the joy! I Hope Your Christmas Is Bright.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Feeling Moldy and Can't Get Dry

Rain, rain please GO AWAY! I don't mind rain, but we had rain on steroids and I was caught in its worse moments for 30 minutes and I haven't been dry since! I'm beginning to smell a little moldy and its disturbing on so many levels. It's getting so bad, I now just harvest mushrooms from under my bed. lol

Been working on a few projects. Two more Chinook Scarf patterns; one in green super wash wool Baby Ull and the other in sky blue cotton (no picture) and a simple garter stitch shawl Prism Wrap that is soothing to knit. I dub it my "Commuter Shawl" 'cause its blissful knitting without any concentration.  I'm using Crazy Zauberball and Debbie Bliss Rialto 4Ply alternating every two rows. I am knitting happy!
Good news from my hand tendinitiss is no longer critical and my trigger finger seems to be healing. Yep I'm falling apart but apparently its normal for pieces of me to suddenly wear out. I'm thinking maybe the human body needs an updated manual or a  "Parts R Us" store. I'm heading for the replacement era of my life...rats!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Today, or should I say yesterday, I went to visit a friend who had retired earlier this year and had not heard from in awhile. She was a budding knitter after being a master crocheter for many years, and a few medical issues had side lined her new love. Well she's back on her feet and has an impressive stash of yarn, needles and knitting accessories that would tweak your envy zone. In other words she has become addicted to the fiber world. My mission is complete. I am an enabler and I have enabled mightily!! -smiles- Yes, yarn is "crack" to knitters and we are in sooooo deep, but loving it. She is a good friend and surprised me with a gift that is still making my head reel. She gifted me with "Signatures Needles" and I've been giggling every since. I've been lusting after those needles for a very long time and was trying to find a way to drop hints to my family that would be a little bit more subtle than spray paint on their mirrors, however Yvonne has surprised me with the beautiful needles, yarn, and other assorted Signature goodies. I now know where Santa lives and he's a she! -smiles-

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Finally I Finished Something!!

Feeling like a star 'cause I finally finished something, wohoo! Took an embarrassing few weeks (I plead injury!) but its good to go...well go and get blocked. As you can probably tell, I'm feeling good and motivated to finish other stuff. (probably after a good nights sleep, I'll think differently -smiles-)
The weather is starting to get cooler and thoughts of woolens are dancing in my head. Eying a few hat, gloves and scarf  patterns.  Going for the more portable items so I can knit on the trolleys to work. My problem is that I am becoming (OK I am)  a yarn snob. Love those beautiful wools, silks and alpaca blends, but not the "hand wash lay flat to dry". Not all super wash wools are nice against the skin, so I'm in a bit of a quandary. I can do super wash for my hands, but don't know about the rest of me. Sock yarns are great, but it's those little, tiny needles that's giving me pause. Until I can find a reasonable solution for my hand problem (time machine maybe???) I prefer bigger needles, but don't like bigger stitches...sigh... dilemmas, dilemmas...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I Am So Trying To Keep Up

I am getting out of practice keeping up with this blog. Didn't realized it's been 7 days. I kept hearing this ticking sound in the back of my mind, but it hadn't occurred to me it was for this. (what you don't have mind clocks??) My memory is not what is use to be so some things will slip by without my notice. I will try to remember next time. (re-read beginning of blog again -smiles-)

My Pink Chinook has come to a halt. Ran out of yarn. Am waiting for another skein to arrive. Let's just say when a suggestion to weigh the yarn to make sure both are of equal weight, follow the suggestion or you too could be waiting for a rescue yarn to arrive. Have I learned my lesson??? Nope! Have started another Chinook this time in gray and it will be all garter stitch with the exception of the Icord edge, but this time will leave a longer join just in case. Yep just prove the crazy theory. If you keep doing the same thing and expect different results, you may be crazy.-smiles-

For right now, I'm sticking with the easy quick patterns because my hands have been giving me a little trouble. If I keep my projects quick and light, I may be able to finish knitting all the yarn I have by at least 3010. I have reasonable

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day Cometh

Its that time again. The aroma of  burning coal and lighter fluid scents the air, supermarkets are packed with people buying items to set on fire (OK cooked until charred) and the package stores (beer distributors) are selling out like it's Labor Day (smiles) Salads of every kind are made, even the salad with lots of mayo that a certain old Auntie makes every year and no one eats 'cause salmonella is her best friend, but we love her anyway and have forgiven her, (but oh we have not forgotten) Little parades march through the streets in every little neighborhood, flags are waving,  children run in frenzied circles and teens lounged about ('cause teens know their duty is to do nothing but disdain), because they know their summer fun has run out. Parents on the other hand are cavorting in the streets, their houses and any place else they find themselves. Happy in the knowledge that school starts the day after Labor Day, (for the northern areas-the southern parents are already joyful), and parents can enjoy some no so quiet time together without interruption. (its been a very long summer! -smiles-)
Tomorrow we celebrate the work force that can make or break a country. The day of rest for laborers that work relentlessly through the year and to remember those that lost their life on the job before regulations and laws enforced a safer work place. Have a wonderful Labor Day.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I've Returned!!! (please no applause) Hey, who booed!?!?

I know, I've been gone for abit, but I have reasons only hard brown liquor and bluesy jazz singers will get out of me. Let's just say BB King and Lucille said is best, "The thrill is gone", but it's back again. I was feeling a little dishearten at the slow progress of my knitting and wasn't enjoying it any longer. I had a severe case of 'Raverly Envy" (when you see the speed at which folks can whip out everything), my ADD lace disease (why must I always lose count!), and the visit by the dreaded arthritis fairy (the hag took up resident in my thumbs and wrist) was a triple threat that  just made me a little depressed. OK maybe not a little, ( hence the hard brown liquor), but I've seen the fibery light of goodness. Advil (gotta love it) is working for me so I can continue to knit and it's perked me up from the depths of despair. My mantra now is "Slow and steady finishes the project." Yeah, doesn't really fit me, but I'm trying my best to be upbeat and not sneak into knitters houses and unravel their projects...Hey work in progress here! -smiles-

I have started two new projects (I'm still mad at the old projects so they are in the time out, I hate you  I hate you, bin) and have decided to keep new projects light and small. So why am I knitting a blanket? I have issues people. I always need a challenge and my time out bin still has room. You do the math. -smiles-

The pretty pink is the Chinook-Scarf  a very easy pattern and it looks good. Im making progress on it and its making me happy. Must be the pink color or the fact that I cant'st screw this up but so much. Its easy on the hands too so Im happy about that. The yarn is Tahki Classic Cotton  Lite in  bubble gum pink. This yarn is a pleasure to work with and it has a beautiful shine. Plan on doing this scarf again in dark grey cotton but in garter stitch. Im not a fan of purling, but Im getting better at accepting the fact I will have to do it for some projects Im eyeing. Im a garter girl in a stockinette world! Found out that lingere washing bags make great project bags. Keeps the air circulating. Dont know if I would do that for wool, but the holes look small enought that a moth might pass it by. Lets hope!

The 2nd bright project The Princess Squares Blanket done in red, white and blue. Easy and one square at a time. Such a cheerful little blanket and getting heavy by the row. It's no longer a practical portable project until it gets cooler. This little blanket holds heat! The yarn is Wintok-discountinued and I picked it up for a steal. Only wish I had make the sale sooner.

I've spent most of my time reading blogs and getting entertained by the many craft bloggers out there. Everyone writes rather well and most are laugh out loud funny. Reading the blogs have helped to push me back to doing my own and trying to keep up with it all. A few have published lovely patterns while a certain blogger has started an empire on etsy. Check out Steph Cuddles etsy shop and blog. Im sure you will be as entertained.

I must be the only knitter left who does not own a copy of "Knitting Workshop" by Elizabeth Zimmerman, so I decided to go to the library and rent it. I am now in the works to own my own copy. Now I see why this should be owned by everyone who knits. She was an extraordinary woman with a lovely sense of whit and humour. A master of her craft and she makes you feel that knitting is not hard, it's just one row at a time and that you can design as you knit whatever you knit. She's a confidence builder and I will have her in my collection soon, along with the several hundred books and DVDs that now occupy any given room in my home. (can you say pack rat??-smiles-)
I'll try to keep my blogging regular, but progress will be slow (reread beginning of blog and linger around the hard liquor part) but consistent (insert smirk here)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Longwood Gardens...Beauty, Peace, Tranquility and Arch Supports!!

On Wednesday, June 30th, my best friend Dar, and I went on a little day trip to Longwood Gardens located around the Chadds Ford area, not far from Philadelphia. (abt 30 to 45 minute drive) I've never been to this place and she hadn't been since she was a young adult, but wow it was BEAUTIFUL! When you are a city dweller, you do not have the opportunity to be surrounded by hundreds of acres of flowers, trees, shrubs, and meadows, so going here was really like a breath of fresh air for the soul and striking beauty for the heart.
I enjoy walking thru the gardens, exhibits and a few tree houses. The founders house was also available to the public with films on their life and times. and Longwood gardens beginnings. I can't believe how much walking I did that day! Pretty sure we covered almost 80% of the gardens and nearly couldn't make it out. (it was a looong way back to the entrance!)
We lunched at the restaurant there on the deck and it was a perfect place to eat, talk, drink (just one Sangria!) and enjoy the day. It was sunny, cool, breezy and no humidity. A genuine perfect day!
Before we lunched, we visited the atrium. It was the garden of Eden! Almost every plant you could imagine in every color and scent. I learned so much that day about geraniums that I was floored. Who knew that plant came in so many different fragrances???
Each section of the atrium featured a different family of plants. Succulents, orchids, produce, bonsai trees, every flower that's grow able under the sun, I believe, was there.
Each section was arranged to the delight of the eyes and the seduction of the nose.
A water lily garden make you think of fairy tales,

and dragon flies.
I was in such awe of the place. (never without my red backpack!) I think the song , "Hallelujah" by k.d. Lang would have fit this moment perfectly. (OK it occurred to me when I was typing this, but can't you just hear it and doesn't it fit? -smiles-)
Wish I could put all my pics here, but check out my flickr, I'll have them up there. Well at least some of them will be there. I'm past my limit and all the pictures didn't upload. I'll have to make a decision, upgrade or wait. Waiting is free, upgrade 25 bucks. Hmmm. 25 buys more yarn...delima! -smiles-
I leave this post with the Italian water garden. Just breath taking, isn't it?
Gearing up for the 4th of July celebrations (I Love fireworks!), and cruising city events. Happy holidays to all!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tagging is Evil!

Just when I was content in my stupor, a certain Stephcuddles has tagged me. I should have known it was coming. I have been dropping meanie (but humorous) comments on her blog. I think I have accidentally indenture her to jumper making for her mum. Hey, its my job, I am an enabler. I wear the badge proudly lol.
1. Whats your staple meal (ie. what meal do you cook most often when you can't be bothered to be adventurous)?
   I'm ashamed to say it's the Bird Nest Breakfast. Wheat toast with the center torn out and replaced with an egg in a frying pan.  When it's set, sprinkle with sharp cheese and add bacon on the side.  It;s quick, it's filling and sometimes I add carrots to ease the guilt -smiles-
2. What do you want to be when you grow up?
3. What book are you reading at the moment? (if any)
   Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout. An Oprah's book choice (which drew me in) A series of short stories around a certain theme. Just finished the first short story, holding my opinion for now.
4. How do you relax?
   TV playing, stereo blasting, Internet surfing and knitting. With a cup of coffee by my side and a cookie or twenty, err I mean two, yeah that's it.
5. What color are the interior walls of your home?
   White. My place is so small, so white seems to expand it nicely. However my kitchen is baby blue. I know it's an off color for a kitchen, but I like it.
6. What is your guiltiest pleasure?
   On line yarn shopping is at the top of my list. (someone help me please!) Followed closely by Biscoff cookies (drooling) I LOVE THEM!!
7. What time is bedtime and getting up time?
   On work days I get up between 4:35 and 5 am, and go to sleep between 10 and 11pm. (I'm so trying to change my ways on the sleep time, but I have issues; the Internet) On my days off, anytime. I try to get the sleep I need.
8. How long do you spend reading blogs (per day or per week)?
   I try to keep it to a few blogs. Most are very interesting and attention grabbing and if I had my choice I would read them all day. Another reason why I go to sleep so late.

I'm finished! Whew!

Very little progress on my gray shawl. In fact it's hibernating in a secret location where I kicked it. I need a little time away from it. It kept messing up and making me rip it back numerous times. I blame the shawl, it needed discipline, Ive acted. That'll teach the other UFOs (unfinished objects) to behave or a kicking is coming. Sorry, sometimes you have to take a firm hand with knitting! -smiles-

I have started a new shawl with lace weight yarn and for the first time, beads! It's looking good and I haven't had to rip back but once (saw where I had split the yarn and had to tink back) I don't know if you can see the beads, but they're in there! Hoping this one can be finished soon.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Little Walk About

After work on Saturday, I decided to take my camera out and shoot a few pictures of my journey from work to downtown. I can't use a camera in work, so I have a few distance pictures ('cause I didn't think of this idea until I was at the trolley stop) Since I'm a snap-aholic. I've shot too many pictures to feature here but I thought I would do a few.
This is where I work (sorry it's the back end), the Postal Service. Sounds glorious until you work there, but hey it's a job and I'm glad I'm working. (at least that's what I keep telling myself 'cause crying is not an option)
The trolley stop and mini mall in the back ground. Notice the lovely array of colorful trash on the tracks? Courtesy of the Junior High Schools in the area. I don't believe I was ever as bad as these kids!
Thought I'd take an inside trolley shot. I did warn I was a snap-aholic! Not a bad shot without a flash.
The city has many little beautifying projects. The mosaic pictures to give a plain wall a little umph and to make the bikers lane a bit more pleasant.
Several of the schools paint the walls with designs and murals to combat urban graffiti.
This is the beginning of the downtown area. The train station is such a beautiful building. My camera doesn't do it justice.
Right across the street from the train station is the old post office building, where I used to work before the transfer to the newer building. I miss working downtown.
Inside of the train station.
Yep there's a pub inside the train station. Don't think it's very pub like, but I have nothing but movies to go by.
This statue is dedicated to the fallen soldiers who worked for the rail road. It's beautiful and intimidatingly large. I couldn't get a clear shot of the faces.

   The dedication plaque.    
But it's a haunting look. It's an angel lifting those who lost their lives to heaven.

On a lighter note, this shoe shine station has been in the train station since the beginning. Believe it or not, folks still get their shoes shine, men and women, and this shoe shine place is a family business. Amazing but I think it will not remain that way. The guy who shines is getting older and I haven't seen an apprentice yet.
Just a bit of my city and a bit of my afternoon. I have many more pictures, but that's for another day. This remains me of the movie "Baby's Day Off"?? I think that was the name. All I need now is three bumbling felons...smiles

Thursday, June 10, 2010

LYS Are Evil, but JoAnns, Not So Much.

I have split days off, so on Wednesday (day off), I decided to visit Jo Ann's fabric store. If you sew, then this store is for you. If you knit, not so much. Their selections are limited, (yes, I've become a yarn snob), however I still buy yarn from there because I am a yarn addict and there's no cure. ( and if there was I'd probably run the other way!) I can sew a little, but not enough to be tempted to buy a sewing machine. They have lots of quilting stuff, but not into that either. If you're a dedicated scrapbooker, (yep was into that for a bit), you are in luck there too. Jo Ann's has lots of books, videos and classes you can take to scratch that crafting itch, but, it lacks that certain atmosphere that only Ma and Pa LYS (local yarn shops) can provide. Before my down slide into yarn snobbery, JoAnns was a golden beacon in a thrifty crafter's life. Now, eh, not so much. My downward spiral started with Hand Maiden Sea Silk and I've been falling  ever since.(check my pockets and all you'll find are bits of cream that was use to soothe George, Lincoln and Andrew's burns after a fast exit out of my pockets!) -smokin!-

The simple never ending shawl is beginning to tick me off. It's so simple that I keep making dumb mistakes and have to rip back. Thank The Yarns (catchy phrase??) that I use life lines. Without that spark of knowledge, inanimate objects would suffer mightily! 

Shawl of Misery at Jo Ann's

Going to try beading the next one.
I love pineapples...can you tell???

I never leave home without my backpack!

A closer look at Shawlzilla

My goal for the next few Wednesdays are to visit the local yarn shops (LYS) in my area and snap a few pics to show you what I mean about atmosphere and charm. I call them evil 'cause they make money disappear from your wallet and all you are left with are armfuls of beautiful yarn and some chips ('cause you spent your lunch money....again...sigh)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Mini Holiday Is Over and All I Got Was Too Much Rest!

Hysterical but true. There can be such a thing as too much rest. My schedule is all messed up. I have always been more of a night person and my mini vacation has flipped me back to the dark side. I should be sleeping now, but instead I'm blogging. Before that I decided I needed to clean stuff. Why. because I got too much rest. Now everything is half done, half out, half clean, half piled up with no where to be. I have to be up like 5am and I am so not sleepy. I'm in deep, deep sheep chips -smiles-
The only good thing that came out of my night rummaging, is that I found more yarn for my shawl. I was so happy. It was like manna from heaven. I wanted a full shawl and now I can have that and its the same dye lot. The pain in the butt is going to be undoing the bind off, but I don't care, I have more yarn and my wrist and thumbs are doing better. Here's hoping that going back to work doesn't undo all the good that's been done!
Now for the shame on me part. I didn't do any baking like I hand intended. It was really humid this weekend, Mon&Tues and I do not have air conditioning at the moment. That may change very soon as I hate having to wring out my pillow. (now that's a visual)-smiles-
Now to make Steph Cuddles day -smiles- she has a lovely blog and really takes good and interesting pictures along with interesting tidbits of her day. One to check out.
Found my camera!!! Night rummaging sometimes pay off. Soon as that baby's charged up, I'm back with photos!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Me VS The Machines. Machines Are Winning, Film At 11

Ok there really is an electronic revolt at my home. My computer keeps acting up, my camera is MIA, my new mouse tried to go on the lam (found the critter hiding under yarn on my desk) and my printer stop working. Paranoia? I think not! Then again maybe every thing stop working because of fear. I have a little mutant dust bunny problem. Why can't I get rid of the bunnies? 'Cause they ate the broom and use the dust pan as a skate board. I just have way too many problems!!! -smiles-

My wrists and thumb are feeling better but I'm not sure they're up to "Rambo" knitting. Gonna take it easy. Maybe I'll do a dishcloth or a gauge swatch (egads me swatch...I know I'm desperate!) Anyway I'll try it in between baking cookies. (that's if the stove hasn't joined the revolt!)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

'Cause I Like It That Way

I love getting packages in the mail. The excitement and anticipation of opening something you've waited for, the realization of your conquest, and the satisfaction of holding your yarn babies in your hand. (yeah its about yarn -smiles-) 

I ordered gloss lace yarn from Knitpicks in fiesta (red) and ultramarine (deep blue), and I can't wait until I can knit again. I see shawls in my future and I'm getting my things bagged with the pattern (a major first for me) in anticipation of my release from non knitting h, e, double hockey sticks (cheesy grin) It's amazing when you are denied access to something you want. It makes  you want it even more.

Still reading trashy stuff. Just how many books does the series Rouge Angel have?? Every time I look there's another one in the series. I'm thinking the author has rabbit genes!! Did come across a book, The Warded Man by Peter Brett, that was excellent at least by my standards, (Sci Fi/Fantasy addict), and would recommend it with great enthusiasm!

Didn't get a chance to try out some of the recipes from Steph Cuddles, but I will shoot for next weekend when I really have the time to bake and sneak in a little knitting to see if the thumbs and wrist will hold up, but until then, I'll just stalk lace patterns. knitting blogs, and Ravelry (legendary site for wool handlers)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bad Luck...Takes A Lickin' But Keeps On Tickin'

My iPod hates me and is in cohoots with my computer. Together they have sabotaged my DVD player just when I got it working again and my computer refuses to play my DVDs. I expect to see the Terminator any minute now.

I don't know what I did to piss of the Techno Godletts (probably that phrase among many), but without my knitting to soothe and calm me, I've got a bat and I know how to use it!!!! Argh!  Can't anything go my way even once??? Actually I shouldn't complain (fat chance)  'cause my computer has been good to me for the last few years, however, just like a marriage it's beginning to get that "itch" that only veiled threats can abate, or overt threats that only a swinging bat can convey. Yep I need knitting 'cause I'm actively considering violence towards inanimate objects and I think they're thinking the same thing...hmmmm

In brighter news -smiles- I've made a few yarn purchases in anticipation of knitting again (whenever that is). Nothing earth shattering, but for some reason, I am leaning towards the color pink. I'm guessing pink is a soothing color and naturally I want my angst to be gone. Still looking for my camera and wondering if it's join the electronics revolution against me. What color soothes paranoia??? -smiles-

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Another Saturday Night and I Ain't Got No Knitting...Cha Cha Cha

I've injured my wrist. Too much knitting, gaming, texting and did I mention I type for a living?? My thumbs are killing me so I'm going down the icy road (ice wrist wraps) and have given up knitting, texting and gaming for awhile. Geez who knew my life was so wrapped up in those three things, and it's killing me! I can do without gaming for awhile, if I must. I can ease up on texting, (egads), but putting down knitting has forced me to do something I have given up for awhile.

I must shamefully confess I am now reading novels. Yep it's trash reading time, since I can't create lovely things from my needles, I'll just mess up my mind with trashy books ('cause I don't want to do anything that will expand my mind -lol-), and since I am a shameless Sci Fi/Fantasy addict, guess what shelves I've been cruising at Borders. Catching up on a few series like Kelly Armstrong's Men of the Other World (trust me I've read them all-not  trashyat all but it popped up first in my mind); Outlander by Diana Gabaldon ( some of that should be read with feet in cold water or wrists -smiles-) and Alex Archer Rouge Angel series (yep I said series...yeah I'm ashamed but entertained!) It's not replacing knitting, but I do what I must so that I can continue to knit, swear, rip back, re-knit, lose my place, short row by accident, look blankly into space and wonder how the heck did I knit that, forget the instructions, look for the instructions, try to wipe coffee off the instructions, run off another copy of the instructions, drop a stitch, repeat...Yep I'm a knitter and not a quitter. (and just abit off balanced) -smiles-

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I've Been Touch by Charlie Brown..Or Murphy's Law...

My life right now is the pits. I'm computer depressed 'cause nothing is the same. My comfort level is gone, and am mourning the differences (n the fact that I have to update everything endlessly!) At this rate I might as well update to windows 7. OK I'm not that depressed! -lol- Yeah I know windows 7 is great, but so is XP 'cause I know how it works from long days and nights of fighting with it. We were friends, but that darn mouse, well, you know that story. Still waiting to hear from the taxidermist.

 Knitting is getting better. Almost finished my shawlette and have started another one in the same pattern but with lace yarn this time. Yep I made a mistake already, but it was due to police activity and I was being really nosey. Do street dealers really think no one is watching? I walk around in a fog most of the time and I have notice them. Would be nice if there were no more illegal drug trafficking in this world. I  tinked back to my mistake and now am back on track. Also waiting for cotton yarn to start lacy hand warmers for summer. I'll post pictures later when I find my camera.

I love lace and I am so determined to become good at it that I am always searching for simple lace patterns to try. It's an obsession and I have loads of lace yarn that must be used before they find my body (I'm sure it will be with knitting in my hands and hoards of pretty and colorful yarn at my feet),  and muggles, (non-knitters), will shake their collective heads and wonder why I had so much yarn. Knitters will nod their collective heads in understanding, and keep an extra eye on ebay ( when it comes to yarn, knitters can be a bit cutthroatish) -smiles-

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mouse, 1...Me, Crying

Yep the revolt was successful. That darn mouse drove me to tears. It blew out my system so I had to reformat the hard drive and lose mostly everything...including parts of my mind that make me civilized! Technology is such a two way sword, but why is it that I'm the one with the knife wounds??? Argh!
Thanks Shellie for the suggestion, but I had already taken it apart, clean out the dust and stuff, and put it back together, um, so totally wrong that the lights on my mouse didn't blink anymore. I never said I was a mechanic and you should never, ever take something apart in anger. It'll never be like it was, then again, what is these days?
I bought a wireless mouse. The old mouse is going to a taxidermist to get stuffed and hung on my wall. Yeah, I'm into tech trophies -smiles- Hopefully in a week everything will be up and running as close to normal as possible. Despite all the tech drama, I managed to keep knitting on my shawl and it's my only bright spot in a crazy week. It's growing and I realized that I don't have enough yarn to make it as big as I now want it. It was suppose to originally be a kerchief from another pattern I just couldn't get the hang of and now I'm so loving the ease of this pattern, that I want to make it gigantic but two little words are stopping me...dye lots. Whats a shawl addicted knitter to do???

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

We Need Computer Jail

My computer has taken me hostage. Just when I needed it the most. It decided to make demands that I could not fulfill. My mouse stop working. I refuse to get another mouse and have been fighting with it for 4 days. Today I won, tomorrow, who knows??? I'm taking advantage of the lull in the battle to get stuff done before "mousy" decides to act up again. I'm of course thinking conspiracy as the world is addicted to computers and the "mice" are beginning the revolution. Well the revolution may be missing this darn mouse, 'cause I demand obedience from my rodents. -smiles-
Knitting is coming along slowly. As my shawl grows (yeah baby, it's growing!), I need longer (cable length) needles. I order them from Jimmy Bean but haven't heard anything as yet. I'm liking this pattern so much that I'm thinking of doing it again but with beads. Yep, I'm branching out.
Funny thing overheard on the bus...Elderly woman was talking (loudly) on her cell phone and was telling her friend that when she places her order she can get her free shipping for free.  We are a scary nation!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

knitcroblo7-WHAT A YARN-Creatively Dyed Yarns

Creatively Dyed Yarns. This women has great color sense and I love, love, love her yarn. First found her when I visited Stitches East last year and nearly went crazy by all she had to offer. Just ordered a few skeins from her, (yes I am constantly stash building because I have squirrelish tendencies), and she wrapped each skein in tissue paper tied with ribbon and sent little gifts that made me feel so special! Please check out her website . Now, have I knitted anything with this beautiful yarn? No. Why?  'cause I'm looking for that special project to use this yarn. I love looking at it, touching it and petting it. It just makes me happy and fills my head with dreams of knitting greatness. I know when I finally find that special project and use my yarn, heavenly choirs will sing, monks will chant, knitters will swoon and I will be awarded the coveted "Knitter of the World" trophy. -lol- Until then, I'll just keep my yarn babies safe and let the wonderful colors inspire me!
It has been such a pleasure blogging and reading participating knitting and crocheting blogs this week. It's amazing the talent knitters and crocheters have, and the stories that were told. Some blogs were poignant, while others were very funny;  but  all revealed a little bit of the inner light in us all. I hope that this event happens again and that we can all get an update on life in the knitting field.

Friday, April 30, 2010

knitcroblo6-Revisit A Past F/o

My favorite f/o, so far, are my several pairs of fetching hand warmers. My red ones are for special times, but my gray ones are the work horse.  I nixed the wrist cable but kept the top cable in place. They go everywhere with me, (right now they sit in my work locker quitely waiting for pick up), and keep my hands warm in the office  and sometimes on cold buses and trolleys. The are fuzy, pilling and a few stitches are kinda big around the thumb, but I love those gloves (make with Lion Brand Wool-ease) and will probably make another pair (love the pattern) 'cause they're quick, sorta mindless and you get beautiful results.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

knitcroblo5-Location, Location, Location

My usual favorite spot is in front of the computer, with a cup of coffee and the tv on. But lately, I have found I like the light better in my work place cafeteria. I like the natural light so much, that I actually get to work an hour and a half early just to knit by the big windows. On nicer days, I go out on the shaded balcony and enjoy the cool morning breezes and the view. This morning ritual of mine really relaxes me and I get a lot of knitting done. I have found I make fewer mistakes in the morning, when I'm awake and alert, than in the evening when I am tired from fighting rush hour traffic, rush hour people, rush hour street projects etc...I just enjoy quite rested moments of knitting.

knitcroblo4-A New Skill

Yep it's lace again. I am obsess with it. It's a skill I want to master. I have done everything in knitting at least once, (not always successfully), except for steeks. Kind of afraid of that particular skill set. I just can't see cutting anything I have knitted no matter what. I know it's a part of the mastery of knitting, and if I am to grow I have to step out on that ledge, however, I'm toe gripping that ledge with all my might!!! -lol-

My other rising obsession is learing how to spin. I have bought a spindle, a dvd and a book. My yarn looks like an overfed twisted snake on steriods, and I have been discouraged. I have put it aside for now, (until that I can't do nothing right feeling goes away), and I will try again. I love hand spun yarns and am amazed that yarn can be spun by the average person and then knitted into a garment. My real fear is that I'll want to go even further and wrangle fleece away from sheep. Oh knitting is such a slippery stepping stone!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

knitcroblo3-One Great Knitter

I know most people will sing of the greatness of Elizabeth Zimmerman, and rightly so, but for me it was Stephanie Pearl Mc Phee, The Yarn Harlot. Her books gave me a whole new perspective on knitting. Not only was she informative, but she made it ok to laugh at yourself. She opened up a new world of knitting for me by letting me know that all the crazy things that knitting can do to you, you were not alone in its insanity. I felt an instant bond with her books and her blog. Her words always seem to say, it's ok, you can do it and keep on knitting 'cause it will get better. For me, she has made knitting the enjoyable obession.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

An Inspirational Pattern -knitcroblo2

Lace, lace baby. Love love love lace! But I have Lace ADD. The simplest pattern throws me for a loop. I stalk lace shawls everywhere, but have yet to make or finish one! I love the feel, the look and drool when I see other knitters lace shawls. It's what I aspire to. I dedicated this year as the year to conquer the lace shawl. I'm starting with a seemly easy one, (the key word being seemly) and  I've already ripped it back several times (thank goodness I was made aware of life lines!), but I will not give up! When I think I will never complete this project, I go to Raverly and gazed upon the millions of beautiful completed lace shawls and I say to myself, "One day I will finish too".  Then I wake up in the shower and I'll have dreamt it all -smiles-

Monday, April 26, 2010


As you can see by the banner at the top of my post, ('cause I don't know how to add it to the blog template), I am joining the Knit & Crochet Blog Week. Each day a topic is given to blog about and then linked together so that the reader may enjoy each blogger's memories and comments. Genisus idea except for those of us who are tech challenged. I will blog, but I may not be joined. I just don't understand all the tech stuff. Someone forgot to send me the manuel and any other excuses I can think of. There are many excuses and I will partake of at least seven this week. -smiles-


 It began as all things begin, I saw someone taking brightly colored thread, two sharp alumnin sticks making loopy stuff with it. I immediatly stop running with scissors and decided to learn this dangerous craft. I needed to wheel the short pointed sticks of destiny! Ok , ok I'm dramatizing just a bit, but it did all started when my best friend, Dar, was learning how to knit and I wanted to learn because it really look interesting to me and if my best friend was knitting, then I was knitting too. I was very attracted to puzzles back then, and knitting was a puzzle to be solved.

We were in the fifth grade and she showed me all she knew and I figured out the rest. I remember making a blue and pink handbag. Now that I think back on those days, I was pretty intuitive because she never showed me how to change colors, how to bind off or how to sew up the bag, but I figured it out all by myself. At the same time my younger sister, Neice, showed me how to crochet, and I made several vest and a few half hlankets (never finished them) but she had only showed me how to do a chain and single crochet and I leaped into crochecting from there.

 How I wish that fire didn't burn out when I was young, but knitting was not like it is today. I didn't resume knitting faithfully until I was 50. Here and there throughout my life I dabble; making toys for my girls, a few hats, a few scarves. a vest, a sweater for a dear friend and a rug ,but the flame didn't last long. One night I felt I needed to create something with my hands. The urge was so strong, that I was searching through my closets for something to make and I came across some old yarn, needles and hooks. It stared the flame anew and I've been at it ever since. I am not lightening fast (more like one step before the tortoise), but I get things done. My love of knitting is a comfort to me and the beautiful colors and textures of yarn seals my affection. Oh yeah, and Raverly fuels my addiction!!! But I'm loving it!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hello, Jamica...Anyone home???

I, like everyone else, ignore warning signs. I brush off occuring symptions as coincides, not realizing that my brain is trying to tell me something's up. I walk in a fog of denial and uncertainty. Yes, it was right there in front of my face, but I, like everyone else, couldn't see the forest for the trees. When I realized what was going on, it was too late. I was in the chaos of the aftermath of the Penn Relays. Yeah I know, it comes every year, just like Christmas, however I don't have to wade through hordes of similiar dress athletes and their camera toting families. And must every car in the city tie up Chestnut and Walnut streets, really??

Ok mini rant, but I waited for bus for a long time, and let's say a very steady wind made the corner rather cold and me without a COAT! I am not against the relays, I'm just mad because I didn't take note of the warning signs. The first sign came thursday when I kept seeing people jogging up and down chestnut street in matchng sweatsuits and name tags.

Second sign was the Bolt bus literally bulging with people, (with cameras and name tags), and that loud "hey we made it chatter", that can make you grind your teeth. (and must it always be the loudest when I walk by) (really??)

Third and finally sign was the cheesey and cheap white t-shirts being sold on every corner. Someday these guys will realize that if you have nice printed t-shirts with quality material that doesn't look as though a good wind will rip it to shreads, you may make some serious money and people won't want to call a cop to get you moving along 'cause you and your buddies look like robbery suspects. I'm just saying.

The country of Jamica was in attendance at the relays. How do I know this?? "Cause they all dressed up in the colors of their national flag and was wandering all over chestnut street. I am wondering if there are traffic lights in Jamica, because they just wandered in the streets moseying along like a two thousand ton car couldn't possible hurt them. Oh and I kept hearing "Yo, mon" which I believe is the offical  phrase of Jamica. The reason the country was empty, their native son, Bolt (gold olympic winner), was running in the relays to try and beat his top winning time. Don't know if he did it, but I'm sure if he didn't, he probably just said," Yo, mon, maybe next time eh?" It's a Jamician thing, and I, I just don't understand.

Knitting is coming along. I knit better in the morning and with lots of coffee. I am rethinking next month's no purchased food thingy. I can't live without McDonald's coffee so I think I will make that the exception to the rule because technically it's not food,  just affordable rocket fuel.....wheeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Damp, Cold and Smelling Like Spring

For those who do not appreciate the cool, damp, rainy, green goodness of spring, look at the snowy picture and stop complaining! How soon we forget about the 100 inches of snow that crippled our little city. It's spring people, and she is showing us her greenery, her blooming flowers and that wonderfuly pleasing scent of deeply rich, freshly turned soil that can only mean a sleepy earth is stretching and unfurling her beauty. It's the season of renewal and hope, and the promise of good things to come. Yes I'm waxing poetic because seasons like this inspire one to appreciate the beauty of the world despite the woes of so much drama in the world today. I want to appreciate the semblance of innocence while I can. Because I know, just like the sweetness of innocence, one day someone or something will force us to lose it, and  I know its name; life.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lazy, Cold and Loving It!

I've been trying to load pictures into my blog for several days now and I finally had to take the silk road to do it. Maybe now my blog will be more picture-esk.
The dreaded (and sometimes welcomed) lazies attacked me today. I was up early enough to go to church, but couldn't find my pantyhose and just didn't want to show up in boots again (and not the pretty kind either) My shoes are big in some places and tight in other so I must wear knee highs so that I won't rub the skin off my feet. I am determined to make it next sunday with everything ready in advance and no excuses. (let's just see how that goes, shall we? -smiles-)
Although this project is shown in my flicka feed, I wanted to show you a picture of my shawl in progress. Now is has been ripped back a few rows because of trying to juggle several things  at once and an annoying co worker, (to be later named), that distracted the gangees out of me (cutting down on curse words) and I mucked up. (suitable subsitution don't you think??

My pride and joy so far are the lace gloves. I won't be abel to wear them until the fall, but who cares? I think they are so pretty. I really didn't think I could do them, and had to rip them back several times, but there they are. They were a nightmare to do, especially when I had to rip one of them down to the cuff  because I was knitting two right hand gloves. Patience, determination and heavy drinking got me through.-smiles- Just kidding on the