Thursday, September 30, 2010

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Today, or should I say yesterday, I went to visit a friend who had retired earlier this year and had not heard from in awhile. She was a budding knitter after being a master crocheter for many years, and a few medical issues had side lined her new love. Well she's back on her feet and has an impressive stash of yarn, needles and knitting accessories that would tweak your envy zone. In other words she has become addicted to the fiber world. My mission is complete. I am an enabler and I have enabled mightily!! -smiles- Yes, yarn is "crack" to knitters and we are in sooooo deep, but loving it. She is a good friend and surprised me with a gift that is still making my head reel. She gifted me with "Signatures Needles" and I've been giggling every since. I've been lusting after those needles for a very long time and was trying to find a way to drop hints to my family that would be a little bit more subtle than spray paint on their mirrors, however Yvonne has surprised me with the beautiful needles, yarn, and other assorted Signature goodies. I now know where Santa lives and he's a she! -smiles-

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Anonymous said...

Oooh never tried signatures, are they the ones that are slippy in one place and sticky in another?