Monday, March 23, 2009

Now I decide to post?

I should be asleep, but here I am posting
at last. Haven't been post friendly, but
just at this time, I felt as thought I
should write down something. I'm odd that
way at times. Have done a few projects
since the last post, two more hand warmers,
a red cable hat (being blocked) and a gray
cable hat on the needles. Even though the
weather is finally trying to get warmer,
that wont stop me from knitting wintry
things. (trust me winter always returns)
Will post more if I can stop keeping
cranky baby hours!

This is another rainbow fetching revised,
I made for a certain someone of the daughters
best friend persuasion.

and a pair of light gray ones for me,
with a hat to match later.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy March 1st

Today we "March" towards spring. Of course
a winter storm is on the horizon, but that
is the nature of March. Last month,
Fetching February, involved a lot of time
with glove knitting. Just want to say to
those folks who keep pestering me,
"Leave me alone, Sarah"! Daughters can be
so pesky! Bella it's finally done and I
hope you like it. Here's the pics!

I made myself a gray pair to match my store
bought hat. Changed the pattern abit but
I like them!