Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Whaaaat!?!?! This blog is still here?!?!?!?

     Who knew that one day I would be back. Somehow I've stumbled back on this blog and am amazed on how clever I was. Oh well, those days are over!! Growing older and crankier has make me the anti-blogger. lol Just kidding on the anti-blogger thingy but oye growing older is not for the weak or the easily frightened! I see why old folks keep their mouth shut about aging. Knowing what's coming is daunting however the perks are really great. Can you say involuntary napping?? smiles

     Knitting is not the number one thing in my life anymore. It's still an important part and I still carry knitting with me wherever I go but that doesn't necessarily mean that I will be knitting on that project. I now look at it as a security blanket. I know it's there and that's good enough for me.

     I have finished a few things here and there. Nothing major or to write a blog about -grin- but I finally finished Hitchhiker and a shawl I'm pretty proud of. The Dragonfels Shawl (I know that's not the right spelling but I'm not looking it up 'cause if I stop I'll never finished this entry!), and it turned out great! I think I'm getting my mojo back and have begun several annoying projects that are destined to go into the time out basket but I shall give it my best.

     I really hope this is my return to blogging. I've missed it but I figure if I do it weekly I might can ease myself back into it. If anyone is still around let me know if you liked my "come back". Back in a week fingers and knitting needles crossed!!