Monday, October 4, 2010

Feeling Moldy and Can't Get Dry

Rain, rain please GO AWAY! I don't mind rain, but we had rain on steroids and I was caught in its worse moments for 30 minutes and I haven't been dry since! I'm beginning to smell a little moldy and its disturbing on so many levels. It's getting so bad, I now just harvest mushrooms from under my bed. lol

Been working on a few projects. Two more Chinook Scarf patterns; one in green super wash wool Baby Ull and the other in sky blue cotton (no picture) and a simple garter stitch shawl Prism Wrap that is soothing to knit. I dub it my "Commuter Shawl" 'cause its blissful knitting without any concentration.  I'm using Crazy Zauberball and Debbie Bliss Rialto 4Ply alternating every two rows. I am knitting happy!
Good news from my hand tendinitiss is no longer critical and my trigger finger seems to be healing. Yep I'm falling apart but apparently its normal for pieces of me to suddenly wear out. I'm thinking maybe the human body needs an updated manual or a  "Parts R Us" store. I'm heading for the replacement era of my life...rats!