Saturday, July 3, 2010

Longwood Gardens...Beauty, Peace, Tranquility and Arch Supports!!

On Wednesday, June 30th, my best friend Dar, and I went on a little day trip to Longwood Gardens located around the Chadds Ford area, not far from Philadelphia. (abt 30 to 45 minute drive) I've never been to this place and she hadn't been since she was a young adult, but wow it was BEAUTIFUL! When you are a city dweller, you do not have the opportunity to be surrounded by hundreds of acres of flowers, trees, shrubs, and meadows, so going here was really like a breath of fresh air for the soul and striking beauty for the heart.
I enjoy walking thru the gardens, exhibits and a few tree houses. The founders house was also available to the public with films on their life and times. and Longwood gardens beginnings. I can't believe how much walking I did that day! Pretty sure we covered almost 80% of the gardens and nearly couldn't make it out. (it was a looong way back to the entrance!)
We lunched at the restaurant there on the deck and it was a perfect place to eat, talk, drink (just one Sangria!) and enjoy the day. It was sunny, cool, breezy and no humidity. A genuine perfect day!
Before we lunched, we visited the atrium. It was the garden of Eden! Almost every plant you could imagine in every color and scent. I learned so much that day about geraniums that I was floored. Who knew that plant came in so many different fragrances???
Each section of the atrium featured a different family of plants. Succulents, orchids, produce, bonsai trees, every flower that's grow able under the sun, I believe, was there.
Each section was arranged to the delight of the eyes and the seduction of the nose.
A water lily garden make you think of fairy tales,

and dragon flies.
I was in such awe of the place. (never without my red backpack!) I think the song , "Hallelujah" by k.d. Lang would have fit this moment perfectly. (OK it occurred to me when I was typing this, but can't you just hear it and doesn't it fit? -smiles-)
Wish I could put all my pics here, but check out my flickr, I'll have them up there. Well at least some of them will be there. I'm past my limit and all the pictures didn't upload. I'll have to make a decision, upgrade or wait. Waiting is free, upgrade 25 bucks. Hmmm. 25 buys more yarn...delima! -smiles-
I leave this post with the Italian water garden. Just breath taking, isn't it?
Gearing up for the 4th of July celebrations (I Love fireworks!), and cruising city events. Happy holidays to all!