Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day Cometh

Its that time again. The aroma of  burning coal and lighter fluid scents the air, supermarkets are packed with people buying items to set on fire (OK cooked until charred) and the package stores (beer distributors) are selling out like it's Labor Day (smiles) Salads of every kind are made, even the salad with lots of mayo that a certain old Auntie makes every year and no one eats 'cause salmonella is her best friend, but we love her anyway and have forgiven her, (but oh we have not forgotten) Little parades march through the streets in every little neighborhood, flags are waving,  children run in frenzied circles and teens lounged about ('cause teens know their duty is to do nothing but disdain), because they know their summer fun has run out. Parents on the other hand are cavorting in the streets, their houses and any place else they find themselves. Happy in the knowledge that school starts the day after Labor Day, (for the northern areas-the southern parents are already joyful), and parents can enjoy some no so quiet time together without interruption. (its been a very long summer! -smiles-)
Tomorrow we celebrate the work force that can make or break a country. The day of rest for laborers that work relentlessly through the year and to remember those that lost their life on the job before regulations and laws enforced a safer work place. Have a wonderful Labor Day.

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