Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I've Been Touch by Charlie Brown..Or Murphy's Law...

My life right now is the pits. I'm computer depressed 'cause nothing is the same. My comfort level is gone, and am mourning the differences (n the fact that I have to update everything endlessly!) At this rate I might as well update to windows 7. OK I'm not that depressed! -lol- Yeah I know windows 7 is great, but so is XP 'cause I know how it works from long days and nights of fighting with it. We were friends, but that darn mouse, well, you know that story. Still waiting to hear from the taxidermist.

 Knitting is getting better. Almost finished my shawlette and have started another one in the same pattern but with lace yarn this time. Yep I made a mistake already, but it was due to police activity and I was being really nosey. Do street dealers really think no one is watching? I walk around in a fog most of the time and I have notice them. Would be nice if there were no more illegal drug trafficking in this world. I  tinked back to my mistake and now am back on track. Also waiting for cotton yarn to start lacy hand warmers for summer. I'll post pictures later when I find my camera.

I love lace and I am so determined to become good at it that I am always searching for simple lace patterns to try. It's an obsession and I have loads of lace yarn that must be used before they find my body (I'm sure it will be with knitting in my hands and hoards of pretty and colorful yarn at my feet),  and muggles, (non-knitters), will shake their collective heads and wonder why I had so much yarn. Knitters will nod their collective heads in understanding, and keep an extra eye on ebay ( when it comes to yarn, knitters can be a bit cutthroatish) -smiles-

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klccreations said...

I've got XP and I recently had to reformat my HD. I know your pain. It took 2 days to put all the programs back in and complete all the updates. Lost so much. I like lace also. I can't wait to see your finished shawlette.