Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bad Luck...Takes A Lickin' But Keeps On Tickin'

My iPod hates me and is in cohoots with my computer. Together they have sabotaged my DVD player just when I got it working again and my computer refuses to play my DVDs. I expect to see the Terminator any minute now.

I don't know what I did to piss of the Techno Godletts (probably that phrase among many), but without my knitting to soothe and calm me, I've got a bat and I know how to use it!!!! Argh!  Can't anything go my way even once??? Actually I shouldn't complain (fat chance)  'cause my computer has been good to me for the last few years, however, just like a marriage it's beginning to get that "itch" that only veiled threats can abate, or overt threats that only a swinging bat can convey. Yep I need knitting 'cause I'm actively considering violence towards inanimate objects and I think they're thinking the same thing...hmmmm

In brighter news -smiles- I've made a few yarn purchases in anticipation of knitting again (whenever that is). Nothing earth shattering, but for some reason, I am leaning towards the color pink. I'm guessing pink is a soothing color and naturally I want my angst to be gone. Still looking for my camera and wondering if it's join the electronics revolution against me. What color soothes paranoia??? -smiles-


Anonymous said...

I think in Thailand pink is a healing colour. That should work for your technical difficulties :)

tishka said...

Oh if only!!

Bella said...

I feel your pain... my laptop spontaneously turns on and off on it's own accord, and this is the new one! LMAO