Wednesday, May 5, 2010

We Need Computer Jail

My computer has taken me hostage. Just when I needed it the most. It decided to make demands that I could not fulfill. My mouse stop working. I refuse to get another mouse and have been fighting with it for 4 days. Today I won, tomorrow, who knows??? I'm taking advantage of the lull in the battle to get stuff done before "mousy" decides to act up again. I'm of course thinking conspiracy as the world is addicted to computers and the "mice" are beginning the revolution. Well the revolution may be missing this darn mouse, 'cause I demand obedience from my rodents. -smiles-
Knitting is coming along slowly. As my shawl grows (yeah baby, it's growing!), I need longer (cable length) needles. I order them from Jimmy Bean but haven't heard anything as yet. I'm liking this pattern so much that I'm thinking of doing it again but with beads. Yep, I'm branching out.
Funny thing overheard on the bus...Elderly woman was talking (loudly) on her cell phone and was telling her friend that when she places her order she can get her free shipping for free.  We are a scary nation!

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Shellee said...

Hey.. thanks for the comment!

Did you try taking out your mouse ball and cleaning it and blowing in the cavity where it goes? Usually the problem is lint. I'd try that before going out and getting a new mouse.