Friday, May 28, 2010

Me VS The Machines. Machines Are Winning, Film At 11

Ok there really is an electronic revolt at my home. My computer keeps acting up, my camera is MIA, my new mouse tried to go on the lam (found the critter hiding under yarn on my desk) and my printer stop working. Paranoia? I think not! Then again maybe every thing stop working because of fear. I have a little mutant dust bunny problem. Why can't I get rid of the bunnies? 'Cause they ate the broom and use the dust pan as a skate board. I just have way too many problems!!! -smiles-

My wrists and thumb are feeling better but I'm not sure they're up to "Rambo" knitting. Gonna take it easy. Maybe I'll do a dishcloth or a gauge swatch (egads me swatch...I know I'm desperate!) Anyway I'll try it in between baking cookies. (that's if the stove hasn't joined the revolt!)

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