Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mouse, 1...Me, Crying

Yep the revolt was successful. That darn mouse drove me to tears. It blew out my system so I had to reformat the hard drive and lose mostly everything...including parts of my mind that make me civilized! Technology is such a two way sword, but why is it that I'm the one with the knife wounds??? Argh!
Thanks Shellie for the suggestion, but I had already taken it apart, clean out the dust and stuff, and put it back together, um, so totally wrong that the lights on my mouse didn't blink anymore. I never said I was a mechanic and you should never, ever take something apart in anger. It'll never be like it was, then again, what is these days?
I bought a wireless mouse. The old mouse is going to a taxidermist to get stuffed and hung on my wall. Yeah, I'm into tech trophies -smiles- Hopefully in a week everything will be up and running as close to normal as possible. Despite all the tech drama, I managed to keep knitting on my shawl and it's my only bright spot in a crazy week. It's growing and I realized that I don't have enough yarn to make it as big as I now want it. It was suppose to originally be a kerchief from another pattern I just couldn't get the hang of and now I'm so loving the ease of this pattern, that I want to make it gigantic but two little words are stopping me...dye lots. Whats a shawl addicted knitter to do???

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