Sunday, May 23, 2010

'Cause I Like It That Way

I love getting packages in the mail. The excitement and anticipation of opening something you've waited for, the realization of your conquest, and the satisfaction of holding your yarn babies in your hand. (yeah its about yarn -smiles-) 

I ordered gloss lace yarn from Knitpicks in fiesta (red) and ultramarine (deep blue), and I can't wait until I can knit again. I see shawls in my future and I'm getting my things bagged with the pattern (a major first for me) in anticipation of my release from non knitting h, e, double hockey sticks (cheesy grin) It's amazing when you are denied access to something you want. It makes  you want it even more.

Still reading trashy stuff. Just how many books does the series Rouge Angel have?? Every time I look there's another one in the series. I'm thinking the author has rabbit genes!! Did come across a book, The Warded Man by Peter Brett, that was excellent at least by my standards, (Sci Fi/Fantasy addict), and would recommend it with great enthusiasm!

Didn't get a chance to try out some of the recipes from Steph Cuddles, but I will shoot for next weekend when I really have the time to bake and sneak in a little knitting to see if the thumbs and wrist will hold up, but until then, I'll just stalk lace patterns. knitting blogs, and Ravelry (legendary site for wool handlers)


Anonymous said...

i'm beging to get inspired maybe i'll peruse the yarn sights and see what they got. i'm still a crochet girl but its a start. hope you get your legs back (hands and wrist in your case:))

stephcuddles said...

AGGGGGHHHH! I got mentioned in a blog post. I feel mega chuffed :D hope you get to try some baking soon :) (and I love getting lovely yarn in the post, I got some beautiful roving this morning)