Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Mini Holiday Is Over and All I Got Was Too Much Rest!

Hysterical but true. There can be such a thing as too much rest. My schedule is all messed up. I have always been more of a night person and my mini vacation has flipped me back to the dark side. I should be sleeping now, but instead I'm blogging. Before that I decided I needed to clean stuff. Why. because I got too much rest. Now everything is half done, half out, half clean, half piled up with no where to be. I have to be up like 5am and I am so not sleepy. I'm in deep, deep sheep chips -smiles-
The only good thing that came out of my night rummaging, is that I found more yarn for my shawl. I was so happy. It was like manna from heaven. I wanted a full shawl and now I can have that and its the same dye lot. The pain in the butt is going to be undoing the bind off, but I don't care, I have more yarn and my wrist and thumbs are doing better. Here's hoping that going back to work doesn't undo all the good that's been done!
Now for the shame on me part. I didn't do any baking like I hand intended. It was really humid this weekend, Mon&Tues and I do not have air conditioning at the moment. That may change very soon as I hate having to wring out my pillow. (now that's a visual)-smiles-
Now to make Steph Cuddles day -smiles- she has a lovely blog and really takes good and interesting pictures along with interesting tidbits of her day. One to check out.
Found my camera!!! Night rummaging sometimes pay off. Soon as that baby's charged up, I'm back with photos!

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stephcuddles said...

Glad that your wrist and thumbs are feeling better :) and squeee! about the mention :D Am feeling a little crazy after getting a few bargains in some sales today :)