Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Little Walk About

After work on Saturday, I decided to take my camera out and shoot a few pictures of my journey from work to downtown. I can't use a camera in work, so I have a few distance pictures ('cause I didn't think of this idea until I was at the trolley stop) Since I'm a snap-aholic. I've shot too many pictures to feature here but I thought I would do a few.
This is where I work (sorry it's the back end), the Postal Service. Sounds glorious until you work there, but hey it's a job and I'm glad I'm working. (at least that's what I keep telling myself 'cause crying is not an option)
The trolley stop and mini mall in the back ground. Notice the lovely array of colorful trash on the tracks? Courtesy of the Junior High Schools in the area. I don't believe I was ever as bad as these kids!
Thought I'd take an inside trolley shot. I did warn I was a snap-aholic! Not a bad shot without a flash.
The city has many little beautifying projects. The mosaic pictures to give a plain wall a little umph and to make the bikers lane a bit more pleasant.
Several of the schools paint the walls with designs and murals to combat urban graffiti.
This is the beginning of the downtown area. The train station is such a beautiful building. My camera doesn't do it justice.
Right across the street from the train station is the old post office building, where I used to work before the transfer to the newer building. I miss working downtown.
Inside of the train station.
Yep there's a pub inside the train station. Don't think it's very pub like, but I have nothing but movies to go by.
This statue is dedicated to the fallen soldiers who worked for the rail road. It's beautiful and intimidatingly large. I couldn't get a clear shot of the faces.

   The dedication plaque.    
But it's a haunting look. It's an angel lifting those who lost their lives to heaven.

On a lighter note, this shoe shine station has been in the train station since the beginning. Believe it or not, folks still get their shoes shine, men and women, and this shoe shine place is a family business. Amazing but I think it will not remain that way. The guy who shines is getting older and I haven't seen an apprentice yet.
Just a bit of my city and a bit of my afternoon. I have many more pictures, but that's for another day. This remains me of the movie "Baby's Day Off"?? I think that was the name. All I need now is three bumbling felons...smiles

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stephcuddles said...

Lovely photos :) it's like taking a walk in someone else's shoes for a little while.