Thursday, June 10, 2010

LYS Are Evil, but JoAnns, Not So Much.

I have split days off, so on Wednesday (day off), I decided to visit Jo Ann's fabric store. If you sew, then this store is for you. If you knit, not so much. Their selections are limited, (yes, I've become a yarn snob), however I still buy yarn from there because I am a yarn addict and there's no cure. ( and if there was I'd probably run the other way!) I can sew a little, but not enough to be tempted to buy a sewing machine. They have lots of quilting stuff, but not into that either. If you're a dedicated scrapbooker, (yep was into that for a bit), you are in luck there too. Jo Ann's has lots of books, videos and classes you can take to scratch that crafting itch, but, it lacks that certain atmosphere that only Ma and Pa LYS (local yarn shops) can provide. Before my down slide into yarn snobbery, JoAnns was a golden beacon in a thrifty crafter's life. Now, eh, not so much. My downward spiral started with Hand Maiden Sea Silk and I've been falling  ever since.(check my pockets and all you'll find are bits of cream that was use to soothe George, Lincoln and Andrew's burns after a fast exit out of my pockets!) -smokin!-

The simple never ending shawl is beginning to tick me off. It's so simple that I keep making dumb mistakes and have to rip back. Thank The Yarns (catchy phrase??) that I use life lines. Without that spark of knowledge, inanimate objects would suffer mightily! 

Shawl of Misery at Jo Ann's

Going to try beading the next one.
I love pineapples...can you tell???

I never leave home without my backpack!

A closer look at Shawlzilla

My goal for the next few Wednesdays are to visit the local yarn shops (LYS) in my area and snap a few pics to show you what I mean about atmosphere and charm. I call them evil 'cause they make money disappear from your wallet and all you are left with are armfuls of beautiful yarn and some chips ('cause you spent your lunch money....again...sigh)

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Anonymous said...

I take it JoAnns is an American thing? Think we have something similar here called Hobbycraft, but there isn't one near me so I haven't had to enter. I think all they do is acrylic. Lovely shawl :) I think I need to do more of those :D