Wednesday, April 28, 2010

knitcroblo3-One Great Knitter

I know most people will sing of the greatness of Elizabeth Zimmerman, and rightly so, but for me it was Stephanie Pearl Mc Phee, The Yarn Harlot. Her books gave me a whole new perspective on knitting. Not only was she informative, but she made it ok to laugh at yourself. She opened up a new world of knitting for me by letting me know that all the crazy things that knitting can do to you, you were not alone in its insanity. I felt an instant bond with her books and her blog. Her words always seem to say, it's ok, you can do it and keep on knitting 'cause it will get better. For me, she has made knitting the enjoyable obession.

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Sarah said...

Oh yes - great choice - she's a funny lady. Loved your story from Monday about starting knitting and how you've come back to it.