Tuesday, April 27, 2010

An Inspirational Pattern -knitcroblo2

Lace, lace baby. Love love love lace! But I have Lace ADD. The simplest pattern throws me for a loop. I stalk lace shawls everywhere, but have yet to make or finish one! I love the feel, the look and drool when I see other knitters lace shawls. It's what I aspire to. I dedicated this year as the year to conquer the lace shawl. I'm starting with a seemly easy one, (the key word being seemly) and  I've already ripped it back several times (thank goodness I was made aware of life lines!), but I will not give up! When I think I will never complete this project, I go to Raverly and gazed upon the millions of beautiful completed lace shawls and I say to myself, "One day I will finish too".  Then I wake up in the shower and I'll have dreamt it all -smiles-

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Caffeine Girl said...

EZ is definitely the ultimate knitting teacher, isn't she? I feel like I won't be a real knitter until make one of her designs! I think I'm one of two knitters who hasn't made a Baby Surprise Jacket.