Thursday, April 8, 2010

Snagged by the movies..

Ok I know I was suppose to enojoy the city, but on my day off I wanted to go see a movie because I'm use to free popcorn on wednesday. AMC can really get you addicted to popcorn fast! Went to see "Why Did I Get Married 2". Lets just say skip it and don't even buy the bootleg version. The acting was terrible (Janet Jackson), the situation ridiculos (come on once a year have a "Why did I get married" vacation to spout why did I get married on a platform on the beach? Really??), and the best non essential acting roles and situations of the film played by Lou Gosset Jr and Cicely Tyson. The best "yeah right" moments played by Jill Scott and her husband going on vacation on their last dime (neither one is working,and haven't been working for six months), but we're going to spend our last dime because we needed to relax. The movie is unnecessarily long, (someone please find Tyler Perry a good editor), and oh yeah, the threat towards the end of the film that there will probably be a 3rd movie with the surprise appearence of a certain actor. Let's just say I can smell, what he's cooking. I am so disappointed with Tyler Perry. Someone needs to really tell him he can't do it all and make him listen.

Other than my few hours of wasted time, the day was beautiful and I really enjoyed myself. Better, cooler weather tomorrow woohoo! I love the cool,

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Nik said...

I've heard that the movie is horrible. It's a shame that you can't demand that time back that you wasted...