Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hello, Jamica...Anyone home???

I, like everyone else, ignore warning signs. I brush off occuring symptions as coincides, not realizing that my brain is trying to tell me something's up. I walk in a fog of denial and uncertainty. Yes, it was right there in front of my face, but I, like everyone else, couldn't see the forest for the trees. When I realized what was going on, it was too late. I was in the chaos of the aftermath of the Penn Relays. Yeah I know, it comes every year, just like Christmas, however I don't have to wade through hordes of similiar dress athletes and their camera toting families. And must every car in the city tie up Chestnut and Walnut streets, really??

Ok mini rant, but I waited for bus for a long time, and let's say a very steady wind made the corner rather cold and me without a COAT! I am not against the relays, I'm just mad because I didn't take note of the warning signs. The first sign came thursday when I kept seeing people jogging up and down chestnut street in matchng sweatsuits and name tags.

Second sign was the Bolt bus literally bulging with people, (with cameras and name tags), and that loud "hey we made it chatter", that can make you grind your teeth. (and must it always be the loudest when I walk by) (really??)

Third and finally sign was the cheesey and cheap white t-shirts being sold on every corner. Someday these guys will realize that if you have nice printed t-shirts with quality material that doesn't look as though a good wind will rip it to shreads, you may make some serious money and people won't want to call a cop to get you moving along 'cause you and your buddies look like robbery suspects. I'm just saying.

The country of Jamica was in attendance at the relays. How do I know this?? "Cause they all dressed up in the colors of their national flag and was wandering all over chestnut street. I am wondering if there are traffic lights in Jamica, because they just wandered in the streets moseying along like a two thousand ton car couldn't possible hurt them. Oh and I kept hearing "Yo, mon" which I believe is the offical  phrase of Jamica. The reason the country was empty, their native son, Bolt (gold olympic winner), was running in the relays to try and beat his top winning time. Don't know if he did it, but I'm sure if he didn't, he probably just said," Yo, mon, maybe next time eh?" It's a Jamician thing, and I, I just don't understand.

Knitting is coming along. I knit better in the morning and with lots of coffee. I am rethinking next month's no purchased food thingy. I can't live without McDonald's coffee so I think I will make that the exception to the rule because technically it's not food,  just affordable rocket fuel.....wheeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

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