Thursday, April 29, 2010

knitcroblo4-A New Skill

Yep it's lace again. I am obsess with it. It's a skill I want to master. I have done everything in knitting at least once, (not always successfully), except for steeks. Kind of afraid of that particular skill set. I just can't see cutting anything I have knitted no matter what. I know it's a part of the mastery of knitting, and if I am to grow I have to step out on that ledge, however, I'm toe gripping that ledge with all my might!!! -lol-

My other rising obsession is learing how to spin. I have bought a spindle, a dvd and a book. My yarn looks like an overfed twisted snake on steriods, and I have been discouraged. I have put it aside for now, (until that I can't do nothing right feeling goes away), and I will try again. I love hand spun yarns and am amazed that yarn can be spun by the average person and then knitted into a garment. My real fear is that I'll want to go even further and wrangle fleece away from sheep. Oh knitting is such a slippery stepping stone!!!

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