Friday, April 16, 2010

So Many Bills...

So little money. I figure if I stop eating or needing light or gas, I might have enuff money left over for quarter candy. ('cause penny candy is so far in my past!)
Gonna try something new in May. I'm going to give up processed foods, no buying meals either I cook it or its a salad. Hopefully I'll have a new coffeemaker by the end of the month and then, no more McDonalds coffee (egads!). I want to see if I'll feel any difference in my moods, my sleep patterns and my health in general against the raging, spasmic, stay up all night crazy that has become me. ( I never promise sanity only restrained psyhcosis!) -smiles-

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xenastew said...

welcome back i see you started writing again. my book is on pause or should i say non existence thought provoking nothingness. it been on my todo list for 2010 so far i haven't todone it yet