Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Don't File No Stinkin' Taxes!

Yeah I'm just doing them now. Why? Because I like pain, and tears, and angst, and gnashing of teeth and pulling out my hair. You would think by now I would have learned, but alas, each year I experience Tax ADD. Will be calling my sister for help 'cause I'm annoying that way. So sis if you're reading this don't even try to run and hide. I will find you!!!!! -smiles-
Went to a knitting social which consisted of the teacher, me and no frickin' one else. Not very social, but it was all good for me. She gave me one on one instructions and I showed her a few things she hasn't seen since the stone ages...did I mention she was as least 500 years old??? Ok, maybe not that old but oh so close! She was nice but she kept talking to me like I was drooling idiot trying to catch invisible butterflies. I held any sharp retorts (a major victory for me) and just let it be. I don't know if I will attend the next social, but I am actively looking for a younger group (by her standards)
Spring is back in force and I for one am glad it has returned. Too early for hot, sticky weather so the return of the cool is much appreciated.
What's up with all the earthquakes??? Did someone run that super collider that was suppose to be on hold until further investigation?? If so, I think I need a paddle!!

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