Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ehem..Calling Spring. Please report!

Not ready for this hot weather! I enjoy the coolness of spring and the promise of summer, not the other way around. The electric company must be doing a little jig about now. They are going to have fists full of cash. Lucky them.

Went down town yesterday and it was suprising pleasant. I really enjoyed walking around and decided I might try that again if the movies do not tempt me again. I saw a movie last night. Hey I'm off on wednesdays so I can sleep in. The movie, City Island, was totally enjoyable. The location was fabulous and of course finding out that the Bronx had beautiful beach areas and that it also has an island attached was a surprise. The movie is about a family having secrets, some totally funny and a few tragic, how these secrets are pulling them apart and how they ultimatly come together in the end. Yes it's a standard movie formula, but let's face it, we like standard movie formulas because they are comfortable, likable and warms our hearts. We want to see how the directors will stir the formula but we know deep inside how it will all end and with that comes satisfaction.

Will soon start a new project since I am finally finished with the gloves. Just have to weave in a few ends and block. Will post a picture later. My first pair of gloves, lace at that, and now to struggle with either a shawl or a hat. A hat may be quicker but I really really want to do a shawl. I'm in love with them and the need to make one with my own hands is my desire.

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