Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lazy, Cold and Loving It!

I've been trying to load pictures into my blog for several days now and I finally had to take the silk road to do it. Maybe now my blog will be more picture-esk.
The dreaded (and sometimes welcomed) lazies attacked me today. I was up early enough to go to church, but couldn't find my pantyhose and just didn't want to show up in boots again (and not the pretty kind either) My shoes are big in some places and tight in other so I must wear knee highs so that I won't rub the skin off my feet. I am determined to make it next sunday with everything ready in advance and no excuses. (let's just see how that goes, shall we? -smiles-)
Although this project is shown in my flicka feed, I wanted to show you a picture of my shawl in progress. Now is has been ripped back a few rows because of trying to juggle several things  at once and an annoying co worker, (to be later named), that distracted the gangees out of me (cutting down on curse words) and I mucked up. (suitable subsitution don't you think??

My pride and joy so far are the lace gloves. I won't be abel to wear them until the fall, but who cares? I think they are so pretty. I really didn't think I could do them, and had to rip them back several times, but there they are. They were a nightmare to do, especially when I had to rip one of them down to the cuff  because I was knitting two right hand gloves. Patience, determination and heavy drinking got me through.-smiles- Just kidding on the

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