Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Damp, Cold and Smelling Like Spring

For those who do not appreciate the cool, damp, rainy, green goodness of spring, look at the snowy picture and stop complaining! How soon we forget about the 100 inches of snow that crippled our little city. It's spring people, and she is showing us her greenery, her blooming flowers and that wonderfuly pleasing scent of deeply rich, freshly turned soil that can only mean a sleepy earth is stretching and unfurling her beauty. It's the season of renewal and hope, and the promise of good things to come. Yes I'm waxing poetic because seasons like this inspire one to appreciate the beauty of the world despite the woes of so much drama in the world today. I want to appreciate the semblance of innocence while I can. Because I know, just like the sweetness of innocence, one day someone or something will force us to lose it, and  I know its name; life.

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