Friday, December 24, 2010


I've been reflecting on Christmas since the summer....I say this because folks will forgive you quicker if you say you've been reflecting on Christmas instead of you were just to lazy to blog and was waiting for thought transference to become a reality.

I'm ashamed to admit I have startitis and a deep case of not finishing anythingness. Just can't seem to pull it together or block it. Simple patterns have been giving me grief, hard patterns I just glared at and shake my fist and try to intimidate them back. As you have probably concluded, it doesn't work and it makes the pattern a mite angry. Nothing like a hard pattern with attitude.

Did I mention hard patterns lazy cousin, Errata? I have nothing but love for designers. Their talents are awesome...their math sucks. I suck at math, they suck at math and the little projects suffer. By the time I have run thru my mind what disease I must have that's making me not understand the pattern, (after ripping back, stomping it into the ground, cursing and tossing my little project into my "I hate I you hate you" basket -OK maybe not stomping but creatively drop kicking it- cousin Errata arrives late as usual) I'm not saying designers are suppose to be perfect, I'm just saying I'm not the type of person who can correct on the fly. Some are bless with this talent others are born the soldier's way, following orders. I fall into the latter with a sub category,"we don't read no stinkin' patterns all the way through first". Yeah, I still have issues.

Despite not knitting for anyone this Christmas or basically this year. (read: lazy), I am most determined to knit everyone (my family & besta friend) something for next Christmas, even if I have to buy it -smiles-
Despite my rantings, (hopped up on Starbucks coffee can do that), I am happy that I have a family whom I love and who loves me, I have a best friend whom I have known since kindergarten (we love to chat on the phone and discuss which body parts are in free fall -and there are many-) I have a craft that gives me great joy and crushing grief (eh six on one hand half dozen on the other), I'm a yarn addict that refuses to get help ( and am an enabler too!), and to balance all that good stuff I am an awful, awful lazy blogger!
A new year approaches and therefore a time to change things for the better, but that's next week. Tonight is for the softer glow of the season, and tomorrow, the joy! I Hope Your Christmas Is Bright.

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xenastew said...

way to go i feel inspired that lazy character keeps lurking at my house too. begone i say