Friday, January 9, 2009

Severe Memory Loss

I remembered writing about cutting down on my outside eating. Well that got shot to hell but I keep telling myself it's a process. (that's gonna be a major chant this year). Train station and Deliahs-need I say more. Looks like I'll need help with my
new way of life. I wonder if I can hire a good eating hit man. Just when I raise some
junk to my mouth, the hit man would jump out snatch it and run off. Of course that
describe most thieves with jewelery, but there's got to be an industry there!
Taking a small break from my regular knitting and trying my hand at baby clothes.
Don't know why I got this urge to try and knit baby clothes.


Bella said...

Well, if you need a project.. you know I just moved... A nice turquoise afghan would be nice :) You should get your invite in the mail soon!

Debbie said...

who is this again? Hello? my phone keeps beeping lol