Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Yeah I know it's late but really really heartfelt! Hmmm....does sarcasm come over well in print?? New year, new objects.

1. Get my self together

2. Remind myself to read one

I'm going for simplicity this year. Really trying to stay well because the past year and even into this year I have been overly sick. Going to turn a new leaf and eat more of them too!! Will cut out my outside eating to once or twice a week (that will be the major challenge of my life because I really hate to cook) and drink, drink, drink. With a water chaser (smiles)
Example of the knitted dickeys I gave to most of my family before I burned out. Working on a few I missed, so don't tell them shhhhh. Because between me and you, blogs are so secrective! lol

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Bella said...

yes, just sooo secretive! lol...