Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Has Her Little Finger In My Pudding

Hey! It's been awhile. After the 2KCBW blog week, it's hard to keep up again. Maybe if it went all year??? (yep dreaming) I love writing to topics and have given this some thought. I think I want  to theme write all year. Knitting will always be a part of my blog, but I want to venture into other places that I have always shied away from. (sounds dark and mysterious) Knowing me, it ain't gonna happen (lol), but thinking (Ive been told) expands the mind and brings the horizons of the world closer. I want to be closer to the world. Spring has a way of rising the nature of awareness and making new ideas and curiosities grow. (why I love Spring) The draw back; Spring's not forking over any dollars, so I'll just be thinking and expanding in front of the computer. -smiles- (6 on one hand 1/2 dozen on the other)

Last entry I was the victim of rudeness at a deli store. It's been closed each time I attempted to go. I don't know if its closing early or its been closed all day ( I can only go late evening hours), but maybe I wasn't the only one who received the digital treatment and something happened. Or, could it be my torpedo blog of truth was read and lit fires around the Internet and the deed of rude was presented at the foot of the owner and appropriate action was taken?! (it could happen, right?!?! lol)  I think too much time has gone by, but if necessity deems I have to enter that store once more, I will not yield to rudeness again! (stern look with shaking fist raised high) (whoa, I think I had a "Gone With The Wind"  moment! heh heh)

I've decided on a yellow afterthought heel and toe. Finding the correct yellow sock yarn is a needle in the haystack. You cannot go by the pictures on the computer and after the mustard yellow skein I received, (yes the picture to your right is actually much darker, hence the search) I've decided to ask the seller first if its truly yellow or yellow gold. I was assured by the seller on etsy this time, so we shall see. The by part of my search for yellow yarn, is that I'm beginning to really like yellow/yellow gold yarn. It's amazing how one drifts to certain colors in a lifetime. Before yellow, I was obsessed with burgandyish/dark red colorways. Now I've flipped to yellow (I'm sensing that Spring might have her little finger in the tishka pudding) Could be I need tangible sunshine in my life. Mine is not to question why, mine is just to buy, buy, buy! Yellow rules! (for now) -smiles- tootles!


Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Good color for the socks! Makes me happy to see yellow!

Madam Butterfly said...

Nice yarn! Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog! I appreciate it very much!

ewenique said...

yes, yellow is the best! So much so, I wrote a blog about it a while ago.

Finding inspiration after blog week IS hard but reading about your day-to-day life is pretty interesting too. You've got me curious about that shop, I wonder if they've closed down. Would their closing down be a great loss to your community or are there many alternatives?

cici said...

What a fun blog you have here. I loved reading your post, that avatar is fabulous♥