Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Summer Is Trying To Muscle Into Spring

Spring needs to fight back now! Summer muscled its way into spring and produce a balmy summery day (there was actual humidity) I need more time before the craziness of summer arrives permanently, Illegal street bikes roared down the streets, while the young and tweeny broke the sound barrier with their eternal chattering about nothing. (this I know being a tweeny once)(sorry elders of that time.how I have learned!) I love the spring, and summers days mixed with terrible storms (the weather divas have intoned) are messing with my season. Ok that was the weather rant portion of this blog -smiles-

Now for something totally different. I'm making more socks, yeah! And ripping some back, boo. Doing the free Raverly pattern, Jeck, which is a super easy pattern to memorize, but I have to determine if I will do an afterthought heel or the basic sock heel for the blue and definitely have to rip the orange back to the cuff and drop needle size down to either ones or zeros. The fabric wasn't dense enough for nbr 2 (hee hee)(yeah, I'm still a kid in so many ways!) Though I hate to rip back, its a necessary part of knitting. I accept that, i just don't like it,

I found this huge pencil case that doubles for a project bag for socks. Our city's Border is closing or has closed by now and I got this on sale. I'm crossing my fingers that it hasn't closed yet and I can get the other one I left behind. It's absolutely a perfect sock project bag.
 My blue socks I'm working on. Making the leg 7 1/2 inches long before I do the heel. Deborah Norville Serenity sock yarn colorway Sapphire. The yellow really stands out on these socks so I'm thinking yellow heel & toe?? Might be really pretty.
Love the stretchy cuff, but the fabric is too loose. Use Knit Picks Felici Matador. Brighter than I would have thought, but I will be happy to wear them.

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pinkundine said...

Hi, you left a comment on my 2KCBW post about lace knitting. I noticed this book in the lastest issue of knitty, which is apparently one of the best newbie lace knitting books out there:

The Very Easy Guide to Lace Knitting: Step-by-Step Techniques, Easy-to-Follow Stitch Patterns, and Projects to Get You Started
by Lynne Watterson

Thought I'd let you know ;)