Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stash from H E Double Hockey Sticks!

It's time to tame my stash. One of my yarn babies was upset and tried to trip
me as I walked out the door this morning. I'm still trying to figure out how it
got there, but I was really tired last nite and when I'm that groggy, anything
can happen and apparently my yarn went rouge. I have yarn everywhere and
my latest trip -smiles- has opened my eyes and now, I'm into herding my stash
into clear plastic tubs.Well, that's the first step. After I do that, then its sorting
them into wool. wool blends, cotton, acrylic, good acrylic -grin- and mystery.
(who doesn't have mystery yarn...its a requirement of all yarn crafters!)

After the yarn organization and large quantities of wine, then I tackle the tools
of the trade. I'm afraid that if I get everything together, I'll have no reason to
buy knitting thingees ever again. Ok that statement was just to make me seem
redeemed in your eyes, we all know Imma gonna buy, but only when I
finished a project. I see mass quantities of dish cloths in my

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Anonymous said...

Hehe mystery yarn :D I think you have inspired me to 'sort the stash' it really has to be done. Start back at uni on Monday and should be all clean and tidy for it :D hope yours has been successful!