Wednesday, January 5, 2011

KIP...Was I Ever That Dorky???

Today, I decided to visit Joann's Craft Store and pick up some yarn. The hat I'm working on, The Rocka Beanie, ran out of the yarn, Paton's FX Kroy Sock yarn, I was using. (yes, I'm blaming it on the hat, it should have said something) Anyhoo, I was lucky enough to find the same dye lot and of course bought more yarn than I was suppose to. (It was on sale, I had forgotten about my resolution and it was on sale..Hey whatever...smiles)

Riding back to my abode, I notice a woman knitting on the bus. I knew immediately she was a newbie and I had to smile to myself and wonder if I looked that dorky in the beginning. She had the longest pair of straight needles that I've ever seen and she was knitting one of those furry multicolor boa/scarf that was the rage a few years ago. Not ragging on the scarf, its your choice. but when she was knitting, she looked like she was rowing a boat. The funny part was the way people kept looking at her. I'm guessing,
by the looks on most folks face, that knitting required awesome biceps.
If we were in a boat, we'd be in London by now.

It's funny how you grow in a craft. I started out with those knitting oars -smiles- and now I prefer circulars over straights any day. I still prefer dpns over 2 circs, but the fact that I can use 2 circs is amazing. This year I will learn toe up socks and hopefully 2 toe up on circs. I also have more gloves on my agenda this year, and color work mittens, cowls and of course that sweater. (was that a sweat bead???)

Knitting is my adventure this year. This is the year of knitting fearless for me.
I'm out of the cocoon baby, and spreading my wings!


Nikki said...

I remember when u were that dorky lol :)

xenastew said...

We all gotta start somewhere. I looked at a crochet needle the other day it seems to want me to pay it some attention. I remember pre computer activity.......