Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow

Globs of beautiful snow fell last night in Philly and made
the city seem pretty and serene. I love to look and smell and
experience snow when it first falls, then I want the stuff to
take a hike the next day. Sounds terrible, I know but that stuff
can be treacherous as well as fun. Folks just don't know how to
drive in it and pedestrians can't seem to figure out that it
takes times to stop in that stuff and will just walk out in
the street like it's summer. I blame cell phones and just
plain dumbness. Put the two together and you have disasters
all around here. Even though I like the stuff it is a two
edged sword.

Still working on "Fetching" and it's driving me crazy.
Can't seem to get the cables going in the opposite direction
to look good. I've now ripped that glove down 6 times and I
think I'm going to take a break away from it for awhile
before I break

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