Friday, February 13, 2009


Today is my birthday. I took the day off and now I'm going
to indulge and enjoy myself. Looking forward to being
happily surprise by all the things I find today and hoping
the pleasures of the day are good. That card was sent to
me by my best friend since kindergarten, Darlene. She never
forgets me no matter what. She's a very good friend.

I am a "Fetching" machine. Made several hand warmers, but
the ones I am working on now is for me! A lovely Chili
Pepper red with gloss and sheen and softness. An indulgence
for sure!

This yarn is beautiful!

Lovely pink, don't you think? And a bold
and beautiful red!


Nikki said...

Happy Birthday Lavender Lamb!!! I like the red ...but who are those pink hand warmers for????

Bella said...

Hands off Nikki! I want the pink ones :) Happy B'Day LL!!

azzuka said...

even if it's late... happy birthday!!!