Monday, March 28, 2011

A Tale of Two Yarms 2KCBWDAY1

I love the smell of yarn in the morning! I am a yarn snob with acrylic tendencies. -smiles- In other words, I just love modern yarn. Learning to knit when I was younger any yarn I was able to purchase or plead was gold to me. However acrylic yarns at that time had the ability to squeak and even at that time, I didn't think yarn should squeak! In my later years I picked up the craft again and was amazed at the variety of yarns, the softness and skinny yarns! I found real wool, and with that discovery, the seeds of snobbery were planted. Wool escalated into alpaca, which drove me to cashmere and I ventured into unknown fibers like silk, sea cell and, I got milk! Did I leave acrylic behind???  Heck no, cause all yarns have a place. I wouldn't use cashmere for a rug or a dog bed, but I can use acrylic yarn for those items and replace the "finer" yarns with "finer" acrylic and her infinite blends.  The tale of two yarns;  the yarn that began the knitting journey and the stash that sprung from that love!

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iggystar said...

The seed of yarn snobbery, lol. Knitting will do that to you. :)