Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm Ba-a-a-c-k!

Haven't blogged for a bit, but it can be like
that sometimes. My fingers have been busy, knitted
up a few things and am working of a few things. I'm
feeling the risings of spring and just don't want to
be house bound.

A triple cable beanie. Too small for my head so it
will probably be a gift in the near future. I like
the way the picture came out - looks kind of artsy!

The pattern is the Vermount Leaves Hat from Knitting in
the woods. I should say beanie. It's a cute one and a
future gift -smiles-

Starting a hat I know will fit me! The original pattern is
from Lionsbrand free patterns "Lace Beanie" and to knit
from the top down, but I decided to knit from the bottom
up and make it lace beret all the way to the top. Wish
me luck!

Lovely gray color and its Lion Brand cotton blend yarn.
Soft to the touch and a pleasure to work with.

I know I'm picture crazy, but I wanted you so see all
the angles!

This is a knitted sample. I want to test out
the new Ecco yarn from Bernat Cot'n Corn. It's a
little splitty, but nice to work with.
I think I'll make and adult size hat with

I'm sure my neice has a doll for this hat!


Bella said...

Welcome back! Those hats are AWESOME!

Nikki said...

Nice Hats!!! Where is mine?